Imagine the muted glow that street lamps throw off in an evening rain. It's almost like a shimmer. Magical. Through Pamela's innovative technique, that feeling is captured inside the space, on almost any surface you can imagine. Walls, ceilings, countertops, furniture, floors, wood, glass, acrylic, metal. . .the possibilities are endless. The surfaces glisten, almost as if they're wet, and you will marvel at how the color shifts throughout the day as the light changes. 

To create this dazzling iridescent effect, Pamela works with over 700 different colors across several different mediums. Each project is a snowflake - no two finishes are alike. The treatment can be as dense or as airy as the client wants. Like a kaleidoscope, the custom Luminious Finish Coats® technique interacts with both the ambient light as well as the surface background itself. Pamela's unique process is truly color alchemy at work.