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Pamela Shadid is an interior designer and artist based in Washington, DC. Her focus is to create spaces that are sleek but also lively and full of panache; dynamic yet also timeless. Pamela’s working style is to design and harmonize a unique palate for each client, creating spaces that incite marvel and wonderment. Over the past several years, she has been experimenting with how light affects the mood or feel in a space. She has developed a method to create iridescence in a room by layering Luminous Finish Coats® on various surfaces. As the light shifts throughout the day, the iridescent surface takes on a different feel, character, or glow. 


The Pamela Shadid logo is taken from an actual tattoo of the Eye of Horus on Pamela’s wrist; a tattoo she shares with her son. It is meaningful to her because it is an ancient symbol with modern interpretations, in the same way that design should be an amalgamation of the important influences in your life.



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